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23-Oct-2017 09:25

The text could look like any message you normally receive from your bank and not immediately spark a cause for concern. The text, which will be in the same thread as genuine text messages from your bank, says there has been suspicious activity on your account – a mobile number is being spoofed, so If you have saved your bank’s number, it will appear as though it has been sent by them.It says your debit card has recently been used and even names a shop and an amount.

Margaret Achilleos, who works at The Spinney care home in Chingford, was given the home's "Heart of Gold" award for 2017 in a ceremony yesterday (Wednesday, November 1).

The Hornets have since said they are hoping to have the 22-year-old back before the end of the year - but head coach Marco Silva is less confident about when to expect the midfielder to return.

He said: “He’s had one appointment so far and we’ll see what will happen.

“He has been a really important player to us, not just what he gives to us but in some set-pieces he’s very strong too.

"We can play with Capoue, who has a lot of quality, but he’s a different type of player with a different profile.

Three cars and two vans have been involved in a motorway pile-up – causing severe delays across Bucks.